“Good moments in life pass through Servimed”
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One, who sees Servimed and is not aware of its course, and do not imagine that it all began in 1973 in a small 280 m2 warehouse in Bauru. Tiny, compared to the its structure nowadays, however it is able to comprise all dreams and expectations that made Servimed into one of the most respected wholesaling company in the country.

Potentially, the company currently attends 70% of the national wholesaling market with a portfolio offering more than 16.000 items made up of medicine and a complete mix of HPC.

Placed in an area larger than 25.000m2, Servimed counts on a complete technological and logistics infrastructure, besides a huge professional contingent in sales consultancy, which concentrates actions in 08 states and in the Federal District, performing in Pharmacy, Hospital and Nutrition.

Growing is part of Servimed life. Dreams were multiplied. After 4 decades, Servimed is 26 times bigger.

Coverage is important, but satisfying needs is essential

In order to attend a market which is in constant growth and to maintain an excellent level of customer services, Servimed invests in its contributors’ capabilities and sales consultants. Infrastructure and technology are also constant investment focus. Servimed is nowadays, more than logistics reference in distribution. It is an enterprise which travels hundreds of kilometers everyday to deliver , fast and safely, products and medicine that will provide more quality to people’s lives.

Commitment to supplying life

Servimed operates 24 hours committed to “supplying” life in all segments, where life is present, and it is responsible to represent and take information about brands and products that are daily on the market, gaining minds and emotions. Servimed is a partner which facilitates to people the access to health and welfare, cooperating to their complete satisfaction to better enjoy the best moments of life.

The Drugstores are now “Integral Health Centers” – Health which revigorates the body as a whole,
inside ( with medicine), and outside with cosmetics and others.
Consultant Personnel Department & Merchandising identify the main needs of the wholesale, to foresee the market tendencies and to deliver information about brands and products which are shown in the mass media.

A new reality for the sales point

A better-informed consumer, therefore, more demanding. Exposed to competitiveness, lack of time and to the necessity of succeeding. This new Brazilian reality leads the pharmaceutical businessman to be, necessarily, more aware of new tendencies and follow this evolution.

Conscious of the segment importance in the distribution process, Servimed spares no effort to attend the new needs on this heated retail service. That is why Servimed has the most complete HPC portfolio of the Pharmature line. Making use of an audacious plan, Servimed broadened the group of suppliers and strengthened partnerships to strive continuously to facilitate solutions to exceed customer expectations.

At Servimed, besides the logistics operation support and medicine replacement, the retailer will be able to supply all the categories of his own service, and also to count on a special service provider, trusting in the Consultant Personnel Department & Merchandising to improve service levels in our quest for excellence. The aim of such a work is to identify the main needs of the wholesale, to foresee the market tendencies and to deliver information about brands and products which are shown in the mass media, to format the PDV with exhibition techniques, variety and categorization, making the market well structured, up to date, profitable and more alluring to the consumers’ eyes.

Servimed is investing in high technologies and in
new equipments. Globalpharma : It’s a
private service to pharmaceutical industries.

Servimed innovates all the time

Servimed grows everyday giving more competitive advantages, much control of the negotiations and agility on the distribution to its clients and suppliers.

With an advanced information system, Servimed created the opportunity for full communication and integration of all logistics, commercial and administrative process, with smart tools, such as:

  • Call Center - users from the advanced technology Avaya;
  • Globalpharma - based on the logistics operations. It is available to the pharmaceutical industries a private service and detailed reports about transactions and faithful control of the processes and a sale parameter as well;
  • Active Telemarketing - our services will help you determine the right contact center strategy and operation that is able to quickly answer any and all customer questions. Beyond increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, this information allows call centers to gain increased customer knowledge to direct future strategic initiatives, research and development, and upcoming sales and marketing activities in a fast time ,that deliver on your customer, financial, and compliance goals;
  • SAP - one of the major world systems from ERP( now at SERVIMED), it’s also a huge investment that will promote the standard and the improvements in the preview processes.

São Paulo Business Unit has also broadened SERVIMED service strategy strengthening and getting closer the relationship with its clients and the industries.

Servimed is the first distributor in the
pharmaceutical segment to open a sales
channel on the internet, linking its
clients to a huge portfolio of medicine
and HPC Brazil products.

Soon it Will be available
the shopping portal.

Expanding the business net and improving its clients linking

Servimed has broadened its services nets and has devised its business strategies through internet. The partnership with the Visão Group puts servimed working in the electronic commerce.

Nowadays, through www.distribuidoraonline.com.br, the client can access all the section information, private stores and different commercial conditions. Servimed is the first pharmaceutical company that gives the opportunity of a sale channel via internet, linking its clients to the major stock of medicines and products of HPC in Brazil.

Furthermore, Servimed prepares for the next months the release of its shopping portal.

A new project that will be a great support tool to sales representatives and to the clients getting closer the relationship along the retail and using digital field to this integration. A site that will present an easy path to navigate, with more tools, where Servimed clients will have available more than 16.000 items, besides the information, media private contents, releases, special promotions and a lot more. Everything is easier, faster and safer all day long.

In all expertise areas, Servimed has a great team of excellent professionals. Its goal is to become a national coverage wholesaler, to become the unique leader and the unique business guide of each client’s organization. So, in this way the competence on the development of the electronic commerce and digital media certainly will be a strong ally.

To be the best pharmaceutical, hospital and supermarket products wholesaler in Brazil is what Servimed is seeking: recognition in its treatment and on the operations, through the continuous development and improvement of its professionals, technology and structures.

Sale and merchandising consultants. A better
composition of the variety of the products
with the new HPC market releases.
Private team of consultants specialized in
oncology that performs in SP and RJ.

Excellence in treatment and logistic efficiency

All the know-how in technology and services are expanding to hospital and food sections.

To supply in clinics, public and private hospitals daily, the hospital division counts on a special structure in treatment. The central hospital (that answers through 0800 703 1080 toll free line), is the only channel of quotation and profits developed to supply, in a special way, the particularities of every client with agility, economy and convenience.

The hospital division provides a large amount of drugs, OTC , generics , and HPC to attend the solicitation from eight states ( São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paraná , Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Santa Catarina and Distrito Federal).

Giving support to the negotiations, the team counts on the direct work with its representatives to set partnership with the main laboratories, besides a special logistics to oncology products that help clients find the balance between member/provider satisfaction and prudent fiscal management.

Food division acts with one of the more complete mix of HPC (100% Servimed) to attend the market in all its categories levels. There are more than 7 thousands items from the best manufactures of the country.

Understanding the challenges within the market and how pharmaceutical companies are handling Sales and merchandising consultants work exclusively to attend the retails. By a simple visit they identify the main needs and help on the correct formatting of the shop layout, becoming the sales point most current and attractive to the client’s eyes.

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Our mission

Provide special care with ethics on the negotiations, agility at the solutions and advanced logistic, aiming the concern satisfaction of our investors, suppliers, clients and contributors.

Our vision

We work to be a synonym of the best logistics operator, wholesale and distributor of the country of products to retail, pharmaceutical, hospitals and supermarkets. We seek, day after day, the recognition for our excellent treatment and in the operations, through the continuous development and improvement of our professionals, technology and structure.

Our values

  • Personal and professional development
  • Integrity
  • Citizenship
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Organization
  • Relationship